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Do you look at your lawn and see a luxurious smooth green carpet of grass, or a patchy, uneven expanse of brown and yellow that needs a mountain of work?

Investing in a lawn levelling rake is the simple, affordable solution to achieving a lawn you can be proud of. Achieve the results you have always wanted with this efficient, easy to use lawn leveller.

Whether you need to level the ground for seeding or turfing, or apply top dressing to an established lawn for maintenance, the levelling lawn lute enables you to accomplish the work quickly and easily.

Adding a lawn lute to your gardening tool shed means you can tackle the jobs you previously would have to pay the professionals to do. In this economy who doesn’t want to save time and money?


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Our hand-crafted level lawn lute helps you to acheive the very best results. Stainless steel, heavy duty design with quality construction.


Our handy lawn leveller landscaping tool makes levelling your lawn a breeze. Efficient and easy for anyone to use, whether at home or in a professional capacity on golf courses or sports venues.


Designed with care and attention to detail, to ensure your job is efficient and easy as possible. This professional lawn lute landscaping tool takes the strain, rather than your back.

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Why Use a Lawn Leveller?

The level lawn is the simple and easy way to spread and level the soil under your new turf for a smooth and stunning result or over existing turf to level out those annoying bumps and mounds on your lawn.

The lawn leveler is designed to handle every job, including the tougher spreading jobs. Both the ground plate and handle are made from premium quality, 304 stainless steel.

The durable, heavy duty construction of this lawn leveler makes it ideal for spreading topsoil, breaking up heavy soil and spreading mounds of material.

With minimum effort, the multi functional lawn leveler evenly distributes top dressing materials on any size lawn and levels soil for planting. It spreads application materials, such as gravel, pebbles and sand on paths, driveways or foundations.

The Level Lawn Lute can be both assembled for use and disassembled for easy storage in minutes.

Lawn Lute Leveler-Lawn-Leveling-Tools-Level-Rake-Grass-Topsoil-Dressing
I had been looking for this tool after seeing someone use on ‘YouTube’. Made the job of levelling an area of lawn look so much easier.

Received the level lawn very quickly (5 days shipping). Extremely easy to assemble and very well made with quality material. Secure and sturdy and works exactly as it is supposed to do.

For anyone looking to level out areas of their lawn or yard, this is the tool to invest in, and well worth the price.

Timothy Maxwell – Hinckley, Leics.

This tool just slides across the lawn. It moves easily & leaves a smooth finish. Super quality. Great price.

Keian Bolton – Falmouth, Cornwall

Excellent delivery and exceptionally well made. Wish we had purchased years ago for lawn maintenance. Our neighbors already asking to use it!

Max Maguire – Galway

Amazed at how well this tool works, gliding over the existing grass without damaging it. Distributed the top soil and fertilizer evenly and filled in the many holes, allowing me to pick out large chunks and other unwanted debris.

The 2 part handle is extremely sturdy when in use and great advantage being in 2 parts for storage as my storage shed is not so tall.

Lindsey Porter – Stroud, Gloucestershire